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You Don’t Need Any More Information

But determination to execute what you already do know.

Most of the internet is filled with endless pages of information — self-help advice and guidance related, for instance, whether it’s blogs, vids, podcasts, or Medium articles.

And we all like to consume it to the fullest!


It makes us feel good. It makes us feel like we’re doing something great for ourselves. It makes us believe that we’re achieving something by absorbing it. It’s deceiving us.

And it is deceiving us because we get a wrong sense of satisfaction for achieving something while we are merely learning about the methods to accomplishment.

As the dopamine levels in our body increase, we feel fulfilled as if we’ve already succeeded in something. Only that we have not. We get a false sense of gratification just by reading a motivational blog, watching a vid, or hearing the podcast.

We haven’t succeeded yet, we’ve just learned about ‘how to’ succeed.

And you know what happens then with the false sense of gratification? When we think we’ve achieved something already? That we’re the winners?

Well, we sweep the advice under the carpet. On the pile of the other existing advice, recommendations, how-to’s, mentoring guides, etc. And then, we forget about it completely.

So you see, constantly consuming advice and self-help is not beneficial for us. On the contrary, it could be detrimental to our actual progress.

What is beneficial is doing something much simpler in terms of productivity, self-growth, and effective occupancy of our brain.

The simple thing is — doing. It is gathering the tiny bits of your determination, the remains of your will. It is breathing in, counting 5 to 1 and then ‘just’ getting yourself to do it!

Yes. This is the simplest way to achieving. Without deception.

You know what an unaccomplished person looks like?

They’re ‘the collector,’ ‘the avoider’, ‘the delayer’. They are those who absorb countless useful information there is (about self-help per se). They find it, they consume it, and then they put it in the ‘apply later’ folder in their brain. (Such as archiving the articles in our reading lists of 50 already archived pieces, without application, or those hundred unread ones, saved to be read later, a.k.a. never.)

In the meantime, they find another such information, and then another one. Soon, there’s an exploding folder of them all. So then, they set up another folder! And would keep filling it up with all useful information like that. And then there’s another folder. Later, they’d need a proper storage space to keep all the folders with all the fantastic information that could be life-changing.

Only that it’d never change any life.

It’s just nicely stored in these beautiful, colour and topic distinguished folders in their brain. And it’s useless like that as the dust is slowly sitting down on it. The folders are resting there quietly, waiting to be forgotten soon. Covered by the coming folders and even more layers of dust.

All that amazing, life-changing, empowering, insightful advice — wasted.

This, perhaps an extreme example, shows precisely what happens when we get hooked up in too much of information consumption, without practically applying anything that we learn online. When we do this, we never prosper. We don’t change, we still struggle like we always did. It’s as if we’ve never read any of the transformational stuff anyway.

So, here’s a clear way out of this vicious circle:

Don’t be the collector, be the willful and determined doer.

Stop chasing any more information — self-help, guidance, advice. Apply the one you already have. The one you know. And then repeat.

That will get you so much further, so much sooner than doing it the other way.

Don’t let this article be just another information sitting in the back of your brain’s folder. Don’t let it be advice that would never get adopted.

Break the unhealthy pattern here and now! Apply some of what you’ve learned.

Good luck to you.

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