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Why Do We Need Transformation?

You might have noticed that we hear the word ‘transformation‘ on every corner nowadays.

The reason for that is that things around us are constantly changing and shifting, including ourselves.

According to the dictionary, transformation means a change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

This could be applied to many phenomenons.

Personal transformation means that you can change, or transform yourself into someone “new”.

Causes for transformation are many, they might not be only positive or induced by your own choice. Often, they are caused by something or someone else, coming as a result of pain or suffering therefore can be painful, and very uncomfortable.

Sometimes, we can get completely transformed even without our endeavors, ending up shaped by the events or people around us.

When Lucy and I created this website, we did so not only to ensure that our readers can find inspiration here. We did that with hopes that it might transform their lives for the better.

The main purpose of ours has been to reach as many people as we can with truly conscious and mindful self-help, plus to offer them a way to find their own way back to themselves. And one of those ways is through a transformation.

Do we really need a transformation?

If you clicked on this post based on the title, you are already doing a lot for yourself – more than a majority of other people are.


Well, you are proactively looking for ways to improve yourself and your life.

There are many folks out there who just wait passively for things to happen to them, on their own, and without having to put out much effort. And I won’t deny that sometimes it works this way.

On the other hand, proactive personal transformation leads to achieving way more in life. In terms of self-realization, knowing and exceeding your potential, reaching your personal and professional goals as well as becoming the best version of yourself.

Nonetheless, one thing is for sure – whether you like it, or not, there’s no way to avoid a change in life and so no way to avoid transformation. It will happen whether you like it or not. The only choice you have is whether you decide to pursue it proactively, or reactively.

How can you benefit from a proactive personal transformation?

If you want to be content, happy, and living your best life, there are certainly some things you can work on. It can be a myriad of things. Whether it’s your appearance, work goals or personality – all of them are directly connected to the need for some kind of transformation.

While controlling external factors is nearly impossible, you have absolute control over yourself. You have the gift of choice.

Ask yourself – is there something in my life that could be improved? Chances are that you have everything you need, right now, to change it.

No kind of positive transformation comes free of cost, you will have to work on it. Consciously and with determination.

Good things don’t come easy.

Bear Grylls

Learning from this quote is relatively simple, but applying it is a lot more difficult. The important thing is that it can be done, step by step.

Every day is a new day and you have the gift of deciding what you are going to do on that day. Even though the previous day, week, month, hell, even a year was unsuccessful – you didn’t get what you wanted, you wasted your time, whatever it is, this day can be different.

This day and the days to come are all that matters.

You can be your own maker.

If you realize this you become unstoppable. That happens when you realize that you are the one who makes the choices, and the choices you make truly matter.

One common misconception is that many people think and want some godspeed transformation overnight. And that’s not how it works. If it was so easy, everyone would do it effortlessly, and we’d be all transformed by now. But we’re not.

Transforming something in your life is going to take the time needed and cost you a lot of energy. But it’s worth it. You need to overcome yourself some days to not give up. And most importantly, you need to start small.

I will share my personal example of my transformation so you can imagine what I mean.

One year ago I was very scared to create an official blogging platform. I didn’t understand the process – the whole hosting stuff, domain stuff, WordPress interface. I was scared of being unsuccessful and getting zero views on my site, plus, I had no idea what to write about. I could go on and on forever. So many things I was scared of. I was completely overwhelmed. I was putting my dream on hold and kept using an unofficial blogger site without hosting, getting less than 50 views per day.

It’s natural to be scared of the unknown.

Then one day, I decided that I am going to change this silly attitude because I came to a sudden realization that if I am not working towards what I want, there is no point in living such a life. And I found my joy.

I stopped wanting an overnight success on my blog and worked slowly but steadily on it almost every day. Whether it was the design, brainstorming on new topics, or simply writing new CSS, articles, or trying to build my Pinterest.

Now my anime website is growing steadily, reaching more than 60k people/ month, in my first year of serious blogging.

If I hadn’t challenged myself and done what I did, I would be still sitting on 50 views/ day on my unofficial platform without its own domain.

Sure, transforming yourself, your habits, attitudes or anything related to your personality is challenging. But then, do you want to keep living an unfulfilled life?

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